Supply Drops are points of interest that are visible on the map.

They will drop a small amount of Items for players when spun by either tapping or swiping them on the screen. The items given can vary but will usually consist of a small amount of darts, a small amount of coins or, rarely, a small amount of cash.

There is usually a cooldown time of 15 minutes after spinning a Supply Drop, however, there will sometimes be a watchable advert that will allow for a second immediate spin.

Some Supply Drops will also show a Creature from a distance. When the player is near enough, they will be able to click the creature to start an encounter with that creature.

The distribution of the Supply Drops depend on the algorithm used between Ludia and Google Maps.


During events, special green Supply Drops will appear. So far, it appears that during events, specific event creatures will continuously spawn at these Supply Drops for a limited amount of time.