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  • Events can now last multiple days and can be linked to one or more creatures.[1]
  • When an event features multiple creatures, their spawning is randomly generated.
  • There is an attempt count per event. This includes any and all creatures linked to that specific event.

Updated event information from Ludia. Event durations can now vary (it is no longer a set 24 hour event)


Week 20: Cunning

Date: Oct 15 - Oct 21, 2018
Theme: Cunning

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Day Creature Rarity # of attempts
1, 2 DilophosaurusGEN2Profile Dilophosaurus GEN 2 Common 48
GallimimusProfile Gallimimus Common
MonolophosaurusGEN2Profile Monolophosaurus GEN 2 Common
DiplocaulusProfile Diplocaulus Common
3, 4, 5 DilophosaurusProfile Dilophosaurus Rare 24
DiplocaulusGEN2Profile Diplocaulus GEN 2 Rare
KoolasuchusGEN2Profile Koolasuchus GEN 2 Rare
ProceratosaurusProfile Proceratosaurus Rare
6, 7 MonolophosaurusProfile Monolophosaurus Epic 6
KoolasuchusProfile Koolasuchus Epic

Strike Events

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Strike Events are temporary Battle Arenas that appear on the map. Players can defeat the creatures at the Strike Event and then play the event again on a higher difficulty. Once all difficulty levels have been completed, the player will receive a large reward. Losing the battle will require the player to use one of their retries in order to try again if they wish to continue battling at that Strike Event.

Treasure Chests

Treasure chests can appear on the map for a limited amount of time. If a player finds, approaches and opens the chest within that time, they will receive a large reward.

Depending on the type of treasure spawns, treasure chests may either remain stationary with a cooldown period or will respawn in one of many possible locations after being accessed in order for players to try and find them again.


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Tournaments are seasonal events where players will battle for the top positions of the leaderboard to win prizes and to claim their share of recognition in the community.

For tournaments to be fair, players' trophies will be decreased to a specified amount before the tournament starts and will have to work their way up again during the tournament.


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Sometimes, creature spawn patterns are updated to change things up for players, account for more of a fair distribution or to add new creatures.

Apple Stores

  • From July 27 2018, special Apple Supply Drops appeared in-game.

Walmart Stores

AMC Theatres


  1. Special Events Rework